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Welcome to the Arnprior Chiropractic Health Centre Blog. This blog intends to keep you informed on the most current and advanced evidence-based treatment research. It is our intentions to post a few times a month with descriptions on specific injuries or conditions, types of exercises and video demonstrations.

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How to help your tight Glutes

Gluteal muscles (our bum muscles) are often tight from a specific workout, activity or from long durations sitting. When these muscle are tight they make it harder for our hip and pelvic joints to move correctly. Therefore, it is crucial to continually work on them to keep them loose. Check out this video as Dr. Sly demonstrates how to foam roll these muscles to help loosen them up.

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How to manage your tight IT Band!

Do you have a tight IT band? Have you ever tried to ‘roll it out’ to loosen it up? If so you know how painful it can be and how most often your IT band stays tight! This is a good thing, if the IT band is not tight then it will not do it’s job. When we get in trouble is when the IT band does not slide on the quad muscle that it sits on. Here is a short video on how you can work on loosening those two structures up:


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Tight groin muscles?

It is very common to have tight adductor muscles, or better known as your groin muscles. When these muscles are tight or overactive it leads to dysfunctional movement patterns  in the hip and low back area.

If you these muscles feel tight on you check out and try these stretches in this video.

Good luck


The Ignored Hip Range of Motion

In this video Dr. Sly demonstrates how to increase your hip internal rotation. This range of motion is often forgotten when stretching but is very important. If you have limited hip internal rotation other areas of your body has to compensate, such as the joints in your lower back. This could lead to possible injury and decrease your chances of optimal performance.

So if you have limited internal hip rotation, try this stretch and see how it helps. Enjoy.

Anterior Hip Band Distraction

Ok guys now that you have mastered the hip flexor stretch check out Paul Vaillancourt showing you how to progress the stretch. Using a band you can create distraction to the joint and the other structures at the front of your hip.

Here’s the video:

As always any questions please direct them to Paul or Phil at office@achc.ca.




Proper Hip Flexor Stretch

In this blog we go over one of the most important stretches, the hip flexor stretch. Check out the video on some key areas to focus on to get the ‘Proper Hip Flexor Stretch’. As well, below are some key points to ensure you are doing the stretch correctly. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy.

  • There is a difference between a quadriceps stretch and a hip flexor stretch. Way too often we jump right to performing a hip flexor stretch while flexing the knee.  This incorporates one of the quad/thigh muscles that also crosses the hip joint and the psoas (our hip flexor). However, if the quads and hip flexors are too tight it makes it hard to perform this stretch and therefore is commonly performed incorrectly. What happens is people will compensate, usually keeping there pelvis in an anterior tilted position and hyperextending their low back.
  • Stay tall and Make sure you incorporate a posterior pelvic tilt. Resist the urge to lean into the stretch and really extend your hip. Rather contract your abdominals and your glutes/bum muscles to perform a posterior pelvic tilt.  This will give your the hip flexor stretch we are looking for.  Many people won’t even need to lean in a little, they’ll feel it immediately in the front of their hip.
  • Guide your hips with your hands.  I usually start this stretch with your hands on your hips so I can teach you to feel posterior pelvic tilt.  Place your fingers in the front and thumbs in the back and cue them to posterior tilt and make their thumbs move down.